Productive Assets

These are the assets that help you remain productive across a long life.

Valuable knowledge - this is the extent to which the knowledge you have accumulated up to now is valuable and will remain so in the near future.

Your Valuable knowledge score is (out of 5)

As a matter of priority you need to consider accumulating new knowledge and skills, as your current stock is at risk of being insufficient or obsolete going forward. You should review and understand the types of knowledge that will be important for you given your career aspirations and put time aside to acquire these skills.
Peers - productive assets also depend on supportive colleagues who are prepared to mentor you and introduce you to their network.

Your Peers score is (out of 5)

Your networks appear very limited and narrow. It is time to reach out and develop new and more extensive networks of peers. Think about what kinds of networks you need and make a plan for how to build them. Without a deeper network the danger is your skills and work patterns will become more isolated and predictable.
Reputation - much knowledge creation depends on how others see you - and whether they view you as someone worth building a relationship with.

Your Reputation score is (out of 5)

You are not yet seen as someone others can come to for advice. Is this because you are very junior in your role or have you not given this much thought? Spend some time identifying areas where you believe you are particularly knowledgeable or in which you have a special interest. Consider the channels and platforms you can use to communicate this expertise and build your reputation.

Vitality Assets

This is the engine of a long, productive life and investing in keeping energetic and living a balanced life is crucial.

Health - good habits around health are essential to a long productive life.

Your Health score is (out of 5)

You are not prioritising your health at this stage and whilst you may not feel the repercussions immediately, you should think about what building and maintaining good health looks like for you and make a plan for how to make good health an integral part of your life.
Balanced Living - over a long life actively establishing a positive balance between work life and home life is crucial.

Your Balanced Living score is (out of 5)

Right now you are in a period when your life is not in balance. It may be that there has been more balance in the past or that you expect there to be more balance in the future. It is important that you consider how long this lack of balance is viable before it begins to have a negative impact on your long-term vitality.
Regenerative Friendships - a crucial support to a productive life and one of the key components of happiness.

Your Regenerative Friendships score is (out of 5)

Building and sustaining regenerative friendships has not been a priority for you. If this continues your vitality and happiness will diminish and you are in danger of getting locked into a narrow set of ideas and behaviour. You should think about how to revitalise existing relationships and how to build new ones.

Transformational Assets

These are crucial to supporting you to shift across stages and to explore your choices and identity.

Self-knowledge - these are crucial to supporting you to shift across stages and to exlore your choices and identity.

Your Self-knowledge score is (out of 5)

It seems that right now this is not a priority for you. This may be appropriate if you feel that transitions are not likely in the coming years, but be careful. As you and the environment around you changes you will need to deal with transitions and you should be aware of this as a possibility. Invest time in listening to others and take time to reflect about your own current and future life.
Diverse Networks - you are more likely to positively change and to widen your choices and opportunities if you have a wide and diverse network of friends and acquaintances.

Your Diverse Networks score is (out of 5)

Your networks are very homogeneous and tend to be made up of people who are similar to you. This will hold back your capacity to move into new and different stages. Ask yourself why your networks are very homogeneous and try to make building and nurturing your network more of a priority, with a focus on how you can connect with individuals who are different to you.

Tangible Assets

Your Tangible score is (out of 5)