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  • Dubem Menakaya, UK

    It’s nearly 3 years since I graduated from university with entrepreneurial dreams. I wanted to create an online media company for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. It was called Getting Off The Bench.
    What I had experienced at university fascinated me. During the first term of first year, a master’s student from Columbia gave a talk on ‘Enterprise societies’. It was where we could come together, hold talks on entrepreneurship, create businesses and go on talks and visits. I didn’t know exactly how I would be involved – I just knew I was in.
    The whole concept of creating your own future fascinated me. The previous year I had left Nottingham Trent University after failing first year. After being depressed I began to read biographies and personal development books. I thought that experience was the end for me – who would hire me and what would I do. Through reading these books I saw people who went through difficult experiences and created there life from that. It took a vision and belief.
    So after returning to university (Essex) and joining the enterprise society, I took over as President the following year. And we had an amazing time, running our events, going to inspirational talks in London, pitching at startup competitions in Germany, winning awards. Just a group of students who wanted to create our experience and do things we cared about.
    So I spurned the traditional graduate scheme path. I didn’t even look to be honest. I was going to become a content creator, make money from that somehow and live happily ever after.
    Now it didn’t quite down exactly like that. I got an internship at London Real, now one of the largest podcasts in the UK and worked closely with the host on getting interviews and promoting the show. At this time I won a competition for office space for Getting Off The Bench and launched the podcast.
    I didn’t really know what I was doing. And I was in a rush. I was trying to impress people, to prove a point.
    After that experience I was aware that something was holding me back. I had beliefs and a certain way of being that led to these results. And that is where I discovered a personal development course for young people through the WhatIf Academy in January 2015. And it was through that course and the community of friends I made there I began to discover who I am – and what beliefs I have that hold me back.
    I spent the next year in various personal development groups and courses…..exploring myself and what I cared about became a full time job!
    And I realized……what is this rush that I’m in? I’m in this game for life. I have that certainty I will always be creating and there’s a level of mastery I am seeking.
    So my strategy has changed. These 3 years since graduation have been my apprenticeship in life. So I am searching for a new job. Somewhere I can learn more about personal transformation and utilise the skills I have acquired to make a difference.
    The people that I admire – writers, entrepreneur’s, artists – there journey has been one of years of experiences, creation and development. Thus I am glad I have chosen this path and rode this rollercoaster.
    Because as important as money is, the perspective I am developing is invaluable.
    I’m 26 now so it’s been a fascinating 1st quarter in the 100 year life, and I’m excited for what I’ll create in the 2nd one……
    You can find out more about the journey at
    Thank You,
    Dubem Menakaya

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