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  • Peter, 54 years old

    Having read ‘The 100-Year Life’, I wonder if I was adopting its prescriptions ahead of time.  I have definitely not experienced a 3-stage life! So far, I have had 5 careers.  That encompasses about a dozen jobs and employers.  In between these I had...

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  • Shelley Bradford Bell, Consultant, San Francisco/Paris

    I have believed all my life that I can achieve my dreams.  It just seems I kept getting in my own way and the dreams I had were always deferred.  Deferred because I had a son at 17 because I married at 17...

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  • Alice White, Teacher, Australia

    50 years old. I have an English literature degree.  Story after Uni in UK: Age 22 – 24: Worked with international students for a christian charity in Brussels. Age 24 – 25: Admin for a mental health charity in London. Age 25 – 26:...

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  • British 76-year old, New Zealand

    Born in England at the start of WW2, adopted, living near London. Apprenticed at 17 as Student engineer, migrated to Australia 1965 with wife and child. Migrated to New Zealand 1976 and retired at age 65. My career covered a wide...

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  • Zeynep Saka, Founder, Dubai

    I’m a civil engineer by profession and worked as a procurement executive in construction industry for the most part of my professional career in Turkey, Georgia and UAE. My last role was Head of Procurement, setting up and managing a team...

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  • Munashe Naphtali Mupa, Founder and Managing Director, Naphtali Holdings (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

    Contrary to most, though highly educated and having worked in senior positions in a number of small businesses I have struggled to acquire employment for the past three years to date, living in a foreign country (South Africa) originally Zimbabwean. Despite...

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  • Hong Kong’er, with approximately 15 years of international business experience working in multiple countries

    Contrary to many others, I’m presently going through a transition myself. Many would have thought I am stupid to give up a great career – I’m already among the ranks of senior management and have great financial stability. Having said that,...

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  • Christina McRae, Veterinarian, Canada

    When I graduated from vet school, I did what most do–got a job, moved on to another job, and looked to settle down into a career.  Like a few of my colleagues, I was driven to open my own feline specialty practice,...

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  • Phil Wilson, Director of Corporate Services, DST Consulting Engineers Inc., Canada

    Long story short…. 25 year international career worked in HR & Business for great Canadian companies CAE Electronics, BNR, Nortel and lastly SVP HR at CIBC.  Re-structured at age 51 from CIBC. Re-invented self  as HR consultant/ part owner in small business selling...

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  • Kei Biu Ko, Founder, CFO Today, Hong Kong

    I am a HongKonger, the founder of CFO Today-an asset and property management and consulting company. I lived through transition from a poor family living in old public housing estate with shared toilets with 100 plus  neighbors around until I am 11...

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  • Vera Filatova, Actress and Writer, UK/Ukraine

    I was taught an early lesson on sudden life transitions when the Soviet Union collapsed and I moved from a Ukrainian communist state education to a capitalist private boarding school in Brighton. The change from being a popular girl in school,...

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  • Dubem Menakaya, UK

    It’s nearly 3 years since I graduated from university with entrepreneurial dreams. I wanted to create an online media company for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. It was called Getting Off The Bench. What I had experienced at university fascinated me. During...

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  • Marie Lesaicherre, Business Development Director, Maple Bear, UAE

    “You’ll soon be very frustrated” my manager told me when I joined GE, straight out of my PhD, beaming with happiness, passionate and excited to be joining one of the best companies to work for. The first hire of a new...

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  • Dana Denis-Smith, Founder and CEO, Obelisk, UK

    By current estimates, I have yet to reach the half-point of my life. By my own family’s longevity, this also seems like it could be an accurate lifetime for me (without wanting to tempt fate, I certainly hope to live a...

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  • Ros Sutton, Business Partner, UntappedX, UK

    My transition happened when I was coming up to 50. I’d enjoyed working in a large multi-national organisation for 16 years – varied roles, ongoing development and for me, the perfect balance with family life.  At 50 I had more time,...

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  • Eugenie Teasley, Director, The Goodall Foundation, UK

    I’m about to turn 35 and, with my second and youngest child about to celebrate his first birthday, I’ve said good-bye to running Spark+Mettle, a small charity I founded aged 30, and have just said yes to a full-time position working...

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  • Julie Hill, Entrepreneur, CEO, Corporate Board member, US

    As a woman, starting my career in the late 1960’s, I followed the traditional route for an English major and became a teacher. I knew I wanted to “be in business”, but my counsellor told me that “Women in business became...

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  • Stephen Preddy, Remuneration & Performance Manager, Suncorp, New Zealand

    Like many historically traditional career paths, I followed my father’s footsteps and joined him in his one man band business as a signwriter as soon as I left school. This art was quickly replaced with technological solutions, making traditional signwriting one...

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  • Dame Mary Marsh, Non-executive director of HSBC Bank plc, member of the Governing Body, London Business School, UK

    This summer I reach my threescore years and ten but my life to date and my thinking is so different to that of my parents’ journey at this stage and, indeed, that of many of my peers. I am fortunate to...

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  • Dominic Cools-Lartigue, Founder of Street Feast, UK

    I became a father at 35 and my newly born son immediately sat in a rather empty field of responsibility in my life. Up until that point I had consciously avoided a pension, savings, mortgage and marriage. I always felt I...

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