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  • Hong Kong’er, with approximately 15 years of international business experience working in multiple countries

    Contrary to many others, I’m presently going through a transition myself. Many would have thought I am stupid to give up a great career – I’m already among the ranks of senior management and have great financial stability. Having said that, I always told my team I think in approximately 20 years time, the world would be like this:
    1) less demand for senior corporate roles due to merging of corporations/ change of job nature due to technological disruptions
    2) work beyond retirement age of 60 is a given. You need income to survive and It is simply unrealistic to expect you can work 40 years of your life and generate an accumulated of 80+ years saving
    3) if you think you will do your own business beyond retirement age or make a career/ life transformation at some point – you will have to prepare yourself and test out those theory in a controlled scale.
    So I am now  getting prepared to leave to leave a company that I feel their business practice and behavior towards employees are no longer aligned with my personal values.
    After a much needed break, I will likely setup my own company. I have no clue whether I am going to be successful, I only know if I don’t start planning for my future, I am only going to get stuck with limited options one day.

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