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  • Christina McRae, Veterinarian, Canada

    When I graduated from vet school, I did what most do–got a job, moved on
    to another job, and looked to settle down into a career.  Like a few of
    my colleagues, I was driven to open my own feline specialty practice, and
    spent 20 years building it up from scratch (pardon the pun).
    I always knew there was more I wanted to do than that, and last year, I sold my
    practice.  I spent the past year exploring options and learning about the
    new person I had become.  I was no longer Dr. McRae the cat vet, boss,
    business owner.  I didn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations but my
    own.  Now I am back to my first love, surgery, working for the Toronto
    Humane Society, and studying veterinary acupuncture and Traditional
    Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  I also volunteer on a veterinary support
    website and mentor vets in crisis.  I’m finally passionate about my
    profession again!  I’m also finally getting time to do other things that
    are important to me that I neglected for 20 + years–things like family
    and friends, but also art, gardening, reading, and horseback riding.  I
    remember my grandfather retiring, and sitting in his rocking chair
    listening to the radio.  He never once did anything new or exciting.
    That’s not me, and it never will be.

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